The Business Man vs. The Hiker (Part 2 – Finding Success)

7am, I wake up to the suns rays without hurry or stress. Today is the first day I hitch in the suit and I’ve already got a good feeling about it. I take my time packing my bag, casually eating a few peanuts and a banana as breaky in the process. I take a snap in the pit n jump the fence at the onramp to the A9 highway.


The thumb comes out and confused and hilarious faces start to pour in, what the fuck is that business man doing hitching here!? A black, heavily tinted S500 v8 Mercedes benz pulls over within 5 minutes and I think to myself ‘wow this suit works a freaking charm!’ I approach them and discover in fact they are fiddling with their gps and didn’t even notice me! I still express my position in an honest, polite and authentic way but they tell me they have no space. I let them be, wish them a safe journey and continue trying to hitch. 5 minutes later a hear a yell from the Merc, “Hey Monsieur, we might have found space for you, where are you headed?” My face lights up with hope as I tell them of my next destination, Marselle.

Bertrung and his wife Yulia are intrigued and laughter erupts as he translates my mission into French. He starts to tell me stories of when he hitched just a few years back as he needed to get to the next town, this was the beginning of my inkling that Bertung wasn’t just a normal everyday man who carefully abided social norms. We continue to get to know each other and start to realize our outlooks on life are not so different after all; this man has been a calculated risk taker all his life. I ask him if he had a second shot at life would he play it the same, he said he’d risk more and sooner.

Amongst a plethora of conversations we got onto the subject of success, I asked them what success was to them and after 30 minutes of throwing around various ideas we came to the agreement that;

1. There is no singular constitution of success and
2. Balance is an integral part to each of our definitions of success.

Being ‘successful’ financially and then sacrificing our family’s success would in tern make us unsuccessful. A success is found in being able to find a healthy balance between the important aspects of life. Of course the word healthy balance and important aspects of life can be debated and a universal solution will never be found as each and everyone’s realities differ.

So before I continue my story I’d like to ask what you think your most important aspects of life are?

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2 thoughts on “The Business Man vs. The Hiker (Part 2 – Finding Success)

  1. Only a few years back I would have said success was a happy loving family, a financially rewarding business, and all the material things we aspire to own…Now I realise that ”success” can only ever relate to moment to moment achievements, because as soon as you are ”succeed” in whatever you set out to achieve, then you will immediately want to achieve something else. Now I say the greatest success is to actually live every moment totally ”In the Moment”

    • I like what your saying here, and do you think that a happy family and a financially rewarding business etc can only stem from being in the moment? I like the angle you have taken here!

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