The Business Man vs. The Hiker (Part 1 – It Begins!)

It all began just outside Barcelona in a small village by the name of Girona, after a late start and struggling to find the entry to the e15 Highway I decide it’s time to unveil my thumb. I take a deep breathe keep walking straight and let go of my fear only to find myself waiting no longer than 3 minutes for my first ride! A happy positive Spanish couple with a baby in the back pull over in their van and offer me a ride up n’ over the French border.

Whilst exchanging music over the sound system I find out these guys are veterinarian hitchhikers occasionally playing hitch races with friends starting in agreed small villages then trying to arrive at the next designated destination first. They casually decide to pick up another French hitcher just over the border who takes a few minutes to realise I was also hitching the same ride. The couple drop me off at an onramp before they head northward into the depths of France.


The sun is setting fast and I contemplate entering the town nearby to find a place to sleep but decide I should try my luck for another 30 minutes…5 minutes later my next ride arrives with a smile. “This is too good to be true!? Surely hitching is more difficult than this?” I think to myself. A 25 year old architect pulls over in a new VW golf and let’s me in. After attempting to speak the French I never learnt at school he decides it’s best he brush off his English and the conversation starts to flow.

We get to know each other and his eyes continue to widen as I further my story; he’s intrigued in the experiment, where I’m from, how I’m going to sleep and where I’m going. We discuss life in France, his fathers struggle coming over from Morocco years ago, the prejudgements of society looking Moroccan and how apparently fucked French politics are, “It’s supposed to be a democracy but their isn’t any choice” he says. After warming to our conversation he kindly decides to take me on the scenic route home and explains the water bridge his town is most famous for. The moment comes in which we must part ways and as he pulls over on the industrial heartless highway in the pitch of night an honest look of concern flashes over his face. I comfort him with my false self-assurance, exchange facebook details and bid him farewell.


I jump a near by fence into a secluded open pit construction site and decide this is probably the best I can do for the night. I set my things down and put my headphones on somehow channeling the energy and excitement from the day into movement. I then lay staring up at the stars, contemplating my day of excitement, feeling completely free and on the edge of my personal world. I promise myself tomorrow the suit comes out…

First Nights Accommodation.

First Nights Accommodation.


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