The adventure of life continues

Do we want to take the risk of leaping from one comfortable lily pad to a potentially better or worse lily pad? Or do we want to stay sitting on the same comfortable lily pads we already know?

I’ve been testing lily pads from the moment I was given a yellow bmx racer for christmas, and this experience hiking was just another lily pad.  During the experience I met an amazing couple that I connected with for almost our entire 6-hour car ride to Cannes. They bought lunch, asked questions and we debated for hours on world topics, the definition of success and what they found most important in life. By the end of the trip it seemed we had bonded on a deeper level than just ‘helping a guy in a business suit travel’, they offered to let me stay in their house with their family for the night on their holiday. These people had such open hearts; I was deeply moved by their caring intentions.

I contemplated their offer whilst soaking up the suns ray’s on Cannes beach for sometime and came to the realization that if I took their offer, I would be returning back into comfort. I was not there for comfort I was there to journey into the unknown and I knew that I needed let go of the good things if I wanted new experiences occur. I had no plans for the night, no friends in the city and no place to sleep.

I told them I must find my own way and the man, a well-travelled risk taking French entrepreneur understood my decision. His beautiful Russian, piano playing opera singing wife Yulia on the other hand was worried sick and wanted me to stay with them.

Looking back on that moment, I realised that with the fortunate life we have been given we always find a way to swim to safety. Even when we can’t see the next 5 minutes ahead of us, we have been educated, surrounded by positive influences, opportunities and support that will never really leave us sinking to the very bottom. We are in a prime situation to experiment with life, taste the fruits and try new things. Life is exciting, full of colours and diversity; It’s simply our choice to make it that way.

The Ying and Yang relationship

It was beautiful to see the love bouncing back and forth between the two perspectives of these people. They both had different ideas but respected each others decisions with an understanding awe.

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