GoodVibers: How to make a metro car dance

For most, It was just another Wednesday afternoon waiting for the metro, for us it was a thrilling moment of anticipation. We sent the message to the team waiting at the station ahead of us and watched the count down timer, 3 minutes before the next metro, 2 minutes, 1 minute, 30 seconds, entering…

My world froze the second I opened my mouth and I was just acting on what I had already rehearsed over in my mind a hundred times before. I had to forget all fears and ram my head into a massive wave of unusual looks and body reflections.

“Passengers! We don’t want money…We want to spread happiness. Now if you want to dance, you can dance…if you want to sing, you can sing. If you would like to join your more than welcome, let’s begin!”

The song Hey Ya blasts from our portable sound system and the two of us begin to rock our hips and shuffle our feet. It was at this moment most of the unsuspecting passengers probably thought we were completely crazy but little did they know that we had organised an undercover support team.

We approach one of the team members pretending not to know us and we try to motivate them, they resist at first then decide to jump up and join in. Then another, and another, before long our 12 strong team were up and dancing, even the awesome polish couch surfers who were in town for the week joined in!

Stunned yet entertained faces gleamed with complete attention at our act of freedom. We tried to get people of the public dancing and only the courageous few followed by standing up and joining in. Most of the people were completely overwhelmed with this complete change of scenery in the once boring, predictable metro train. To stand up a totally let go would be too far a jump for most but the hi-fives at the end of our experiment allowed them to show their appreciation.

We found that physically dancing was not required to spread happiness. Much in the same way we watch a dance performance on stage, we don’t need to participate in order to feel feelings of enjoyment.  We were all buzzing with life after the first and ready for more, we rocked 3 more trains after that, each getting better with time. WHAT A DAY! 

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