Refreshing the system

How much of today have we already done yesterday? How much of our existence has been outsourced to habit? The more of a routine we get into, the less of the world we interpret and the more of the world we assume. 

Now of course habit is great for efficiency, once we do something frequently enough it turns into a habit. The first time we try to reverse out of the driveway we have great difficulty managing the car’s position. Assuming we don’t total the dirt-racer kid from next door and loose our license the process becomes progressively easier. It starts to integrate itself into a habit. These automated habits are great because they free up brainpower for other operations, the problem arises when are brains become so good at remembering the process we no longer need to think about reversing the car. We start to think about what’s happening at work, in effect taking us out of the now.

So in order to stay present, how do we give our habits a little shake up wake me up before you go go call? Holiday’s are one of the best ways for this because they make it impossible to slip back into our previous habits, they open our brains to interpreting the world on face value again which is why we feel so liberated, connected with the essence and free but taking holidays when ever we feel clogged isn’t always possible. There are other ways to breathe the freshness of life into our routines, something as simple as taking a different path to work or cooking something new for dinner can do it. Taking the conscious thought to do something different in a normally repetitive routine can re-activate the senses enough to give us a new light of present thought.

Taking the time to refresh our habits is vital for staying present, creative and open to the beauties of life. When we see the world on face value we start noticing the most ‘real’ things, we are not distracted by the invisible future or past.

How do you keep the colours of life shining in?


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