The power of the unrestricted mind

Ever met a person whose thoughts were unrestricted? When you spoke to them about ideas, dreams or concepts they followed intently and offered further advice as to how your idea could become feasible. Finding people like this can act as lighthouse of hope for discovering and following what we love.

When we feel unrestricted in thought our most natural path effortlessly begins to reveal itself. When we feel the ideas coming from our minds are free from ridicule, themes start to reappear in conversation. It is from these conversations links can be made to our deepest desires. Understanding our deepest motivator is like finding a goldmine of inspiration.

More often than not unfortunately we are surrounded by restricted minds and we don’t get the chance to dig deep enough into our own desires because we are holding up shields or giving our attention to the other persons interests.

“I won’t discuss in depth my love for people because I know he/she might laugh at me if I start to talk about stuff like love.”

Often the other person can be completely unconscious of their restricted thinking patterns. Even if we open the door to deeper self-exploration the other partner might not notice the door, change subject or become uninterested.

Every now and then however we bump into people who have a deep interest in allowing us to find our own desires. It is these people who remind us that our own path is actually the most authentic path. These people are a rare find and when we do encounter them it’s advised to think about keeping them in close proximity.

Do you have any unrestricted thinkers in your friends circle?


2 thoughts on “The power of the unrestricted mind

  1. How wonderful to connect with people that are genuinely encouraging and not driven by EGO, the NEED to protect the sELF (our own reality). It starts with being aware of your own thoughts and emotions, being truly curious, just watch what comes up!

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