High Maintenance Humans

The invisible force of expectation we place onto others, often without thought can cause us to feel accustomed to interacting with the world in a certain manner. It grows into a concern when we start to then copy and paste this attitude for the rest of our interactions as if all humans know our story. The expecting nature itself kills chance for authentic human connections to shine as we block out all that is not inline with our previous expectations. We assume we already have the answers.

When we feel something should come to us we emit a ‘superior’ energy. It’s with this energy we plant the seed for misunderstanding. Simply assuming position and power without question or proof causes unharmonious energy exchange between humans.

A number of people walk around with their heads up in the clouds because they happen to come from a ‘well off’ family, have a high position at work or have social status at school/university. This however doesn’t place anyone higher or lower in the social scale of life. Each and everyone plays the game of life with an equal starting respect, we build it individually or through the power of peers but we never expect it. The second we start assuming, we stop questioning, when we stop questioning we miss some of the most obvious authentic connections with people and the world.

So let’s fall off our horses every once in a while, let’s get uncomfortable; let’s feel small and insignificant. It’s healthy 😉


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