Unlocking is the central idea behind this blog, it’s the idea of understanding ourselves and removing the invisible barriers that prevent us from living the life we really want to live. If we think back to our ships it would be the idea of having a clear map, a smashing crew with all sails set and going in our own direction. The direction we take is in constant evolution and there is never a clear-cut path but I do believe there are ways to increase our chances of doing what we love and enjoying everything we do. Here are a few of them;

Self exploration
Knowing what our ship looks like is a key before we even start to think about which direction we want to go. Without understanding ourselves, our habits, our strengths, our weaknesses we are almost certain to be sailing around by chance, occasionally bumping into activities which bring us joy and others which bring us intense struggle. Without understanding how much we have and in which account makes it difficult to manage.

5 Star Cabin Crew
Are the people we spend most of our week with the people we want to be spending time with? Do these people have an active interest in our wellbeing or are they leaching from us? Are we all encouraging each other to achieve our dreams? The power of a positive group is extraordinary, we all have down periods out at sea, it’s our cabin crew who keep us afloat when we feel we are sinking and remind us we are worth it.

Sail in our own direction
Who’s ship are we sailing anyway? Making time and planning for working on our own projects is a direct message to ourselves that we are sailing in our own direction. No matter how big or small the project, planning and doing it proves to ourselves we are worth the time and energy. This will unlock inner confidence, develop our true talents and empowers ourselves into higher heights. The positive results will be reflected throughout the week in seemingly unrelated areas. Nothing is more revitalizing for the spirit than to be working on our own dreams.

Enjoy the ride
The winds are blowing, the cabin crew are here for us, we all have a shining ship with potential to sail to almost anywhere in the world! Life’s too short to feel upset about insignificant glitches. Laugh, smile and enjoy what we have today and if a problem arises try to think about how we will be able to grow from the experience.


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