Hero’s in disguise

We live in the most exciting, financially free, educated, opportunistic times of all time, where travel, good health and connectedness are as easy as walking and yet still! People continue to complain in their self created bubbles of un-content. If we have the luxury of time to be reading this right now, we are important. We are the most trained, educated and wealthy people of this world. This is our hero’s outfit, what we choose to do with it makes all the difference. If we keep it locked away amongst our close friends and family we are simply spreading gold amongst a sea of gold.

Each day we wake up we are given the opportunity to put on the suit; create something new, follow a dream, help another and or pave a new path. The more of us who stand up and lead by example the more inspiration we give to the people around us to do something extraordinary.

It is our responsibility in this global community to constantly grow and develop ourselves past our expectations, not for the sake of money but for the sake of humanity. We owe it to the people who would do anything for a day in our shoes to contribute in a way that makes a difference.

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