Watch out for pirates!

In the social world we live in it seems next to impossible to navigate successfully by ourselves. Much like trying to steer a ship that requires more than 10 people to work the sails, turn the rudders and keep the deck clean. Our friends and social circles act as our crew. The unfortunate thing is that some of our crew are often pirates in disguise.

People who flatter our ego’s in order to take control of our ship is a common trick too many fall into. It’s almost as if they are jingling dreams and ideas in front of our conscious minds in which lead us to believe their influence is actually good for us. Behind those complements lies a sneaking pirate wanting control of our ship.

Any easy way to detect a pirate is to spend time with this person and allow the conversation to go in their direction. Take conscious thought on how often they ask about your personal ships direction, take note how they offer help in your quest for a better life. Do they ask you what your looking for or do they tell you what you should be looking for? If you allow them to take full control of the conversation and they don’t authentically allow you to clearly explain your situation then they are simply absorbing your energy for their own benefit.

Good cabin crew are supposed to be equal energy transfers. Two way interests in each other’s future and ready to jump on deck.


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