GoodVibers: The social skipping rope

The time had come, positive energy needed to be shared. For this to happen we needed a team of Good Vibration specialists. After a number of emails only a select few were keen and ready for a day out of the comfort zone.

We bought two 15m ropes from the 2nd hand markets, awkwardly transported my English teachers whiteboard on the metro and brought an epic selection of candy. We setup in the central park equivalent of Barcelona and prepared the whiteboard with “free candy and fun, caramelos gratis y diversion” written in big letters.

Next step was to find some eager people, less than a minute of walking was enough. A bunch of tourists were the perfect match. “Free candy!” we yelled, once we had their attention we continued, ”if…you can jump 10 times in a row ;)”. The boys were a little hesitant at first but after the first one jumped up the others were quick to follow. Interesting analogy to be made here in regards to stepping out of our comfort zones. How many things in this life are we wanting to do but are just waiting for someone to jump first?

Our first reaction was a great start but it was just the beginning of our joyous adventure. The fear-fighting-candy-giving-skip-rope-experts were on a mission and they had to continue on their journey. We quickly attracted the attention of children, parents, teenagers and travellers in the area. We continued around the park bringing people together, sharing candy, smiles and our carefree positivity in exchange for physical activity.

Fear of skipping in public spaces certainly smashed!

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