The world is our tribe.

We are apart of everything around us, the air, the earth, the sea, the past and the future. If we consciously act in ways that cause conflict to these elements we bring harm upon ourselves. We are not bettering ourselves when we put others down, we are a global tribe and now is our time to embrace it.

We have all been given the ability to think outside our basic animal needs. This has transformed our societies and selves into amazingly complex and beautiful pieces of work. These cultural artifacts however have in a way prevented us from thinking we are a global community. Invisible walls of unique expression that make it easy to think others are different because of what they grew up believing in.

Remove the flags, the languages, the past, the religious beliefs, the clothes, the governments, the money and what are we left with? What real problems are we left with? Shouldn’t these be the globally uniting concerns we focus our energy on?

I’d love hear what you think might be the globally uniting concerns.


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