Untouched artists

Why are we so deeply interested and attracted to art and artists? Is it because of the mass amounts of money and cool cars they drive? Is it because of the looks they have? Or is it that they have the confidence to stand on a stage with everyone’s attention pointed at them whilst still being able to confidently express their own unique energy? Successful artists hold the holey water of life, untouched by the external influences of this world and people are naturally drawn to it.

Listening to music, looking at art, observing dance, watching theatre, are all reminders as to what it’s like to act as if the world isn’t watching. To be so true to oneself that even when the whole world is watching we still show our unique energy without fear.

The Picassos, The Michael Jacksons, The Alfred Hitchcocks and Martha Grahams were all people who didn’t follow anyone else, they created for themselves. True artists prove to the world that being unique and different is something we can all be. These artists were not born from alien families; they were humans just like all of us. What set them apart was their self believe in what they did was right for them, no one else.

These expressions are reflections of inner emotions felt uniquely by the artists. Individualistic energies unrestricted by societies expectations, so unique they strike a cord within ourselves as if to briefly remind us of our own true selves.

It is for this reason we should look to these people as guides as to how to listen to ourselves and it doesn’t mean becoming famous. It means searching and listening to our own unique selves to the point we can create what we really feel passionate about.

Which artists do you find insight from?


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