Unlocking the brave warrior

I believe we are all born brave warriors constantly testing the rules of life …we venture out into the unknown mentally and physically without hesitation or prejudice. Trying to walk, learning to ride, learning to talk, speaking our minds, tasting dirt sandwiches, touching and experimenting with the life without caring what ‘society might think’. As the years go on however, our outlook starts to become unintentionally blurred.

We become comfortable knowing most of the answers in our natural environment and we start to assume. This slowly forces us into an unconscious mindset of thinking we know stuff. We start to enjoy the comfort of apparently “knowing all the answers” in effect actually shutting out the new unpredictable colours of life to shine in.

We begin to associate this mentality of knowing the answers with our identities and gradually start looking for more and more pieces of evidence in the external world to agree with our know it all mentalities. We choose friends who share similar realities, we take the same route to work, we go to the same restaurants, we watch the same television, we read the same facebook stories, we fill our lives with activities we know all the answers to giving us a fake sense of control.

As we becoming increasingly comfortable with the same-same lifestyle we inadvertently become more fearful of looking as if we don’t know the answers. Stepping out of line, taking risks and or being different acts as a threat to our overinflated egos we had perfected over the years. We feed the fire by judging others before tasting; we form opinions and reasons as to why things won’t work based on our previous assumptions. We begin to put up the dark curtains on our own minds allowing less and less new light to shine in.

In order to take down the curtains, open the windows and unlock the doors we must journey out of our comfort zones. We must experience people, places and perspectives outside of the world we know. We must be forced back into a feeling of not knowing the answer to anything, interpreting the world on facevalue again. It is with this perspective the multicoloured wonders of life explode from all corners of existence.

I’d love to know about activities you place into your life which keep things fresh!

One thought on “Unlocking the brave warrior

  1. Someone once told me that when you think you know something, you immediately cut off any new waves of knowing that thing and begin this unconscious narrow minded way of looking at that thing from that day on. You have closed yourself in, and because you feel you know, you begin to stop learning. So the moment you say “I absolutely know something” thats also the moment when you’ve miss the point.

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