Unlocking internal energy

Like a golden retriever has been genetically selected to find enjoyment in chasing a ball, we humans have things we can chase that unlock a complete sense of internally energizing wonder, amazement and satisfaction. If you’ve ever seen a dog pounce deep into a grassy field in search of a ball you will understand this is one of the highlight moments of it’s entire existence. Becoming conscious of these activities then strategically placing them into our lives is a liberating, empowering and life changing experience.

We all have certain activities in which we loose ourselves in the moment doing, moments in which the outer world ceases to exist as all of our conscious energy is poured into the task at hand. Sports, performing on stage and the arts are great sources of this energy but there are so many more ways in which to achieve this feeling in our everyday lives.

Schools have been great at squeezing our self-knowledge of this feeling but we are now free to do the re-exploring for ourselves. Find these activities by trying and experimenting with the life and our bodies will do the rest. Much like how we can study a book on how to play baseball for years but it’s not until we pick up the bat and take a swing will we ever really know if it’s the sport for us.

When we discover our activities, we must hold on to them, nurture them and strategically make room for them in our busy schedules. Once we are living with internally empowering activities we unlock an internal energy that gives rise to an overarching boost in confidence, purpose and satisfaction. Without knowing what they are is like a retriever living without ever chasing a ball.

So I’d like to ask, where do you find your internal energies?


One thought on “Unlocking internal energy

  1. I like to walk and notice how free I am while others seem stressed in cars wasting the moment of now. I find internal energies through laughter and wonderment of everyday objects found mainly in nature. watching our dog chase the ball and the never ending fun she has with this game also adds to my energies.

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