Inter-connected sensations

That magic feeling when we share a concert experience with a crowd, that unconscious boost we receive spending time with loved ones, that electrifying feeling we get playing in a sports team. The list goes on but what’s certain is the unique energy we feel from being in the presence of people who are in the same frequency as us.

Just coming together and trying to talk about life can often be a difficult activity to align everyone’s energy as we are normally so consumed by social pressures, our external  working and personal lives we find it difficult to detach from our previous states of minds. This often acts as invisible walls blocking the direct connection.

To personally show appropriate vulnerabilities and or to participate in engaging group activities are two powerful ways to ensure connected frequencies.

When a person shows a weakness it allows the others in the room to show their weaknesses. If the group can accept and share this new information amongst themselves it takes the group into a deeper level of mutual understanding. Continue to slowly delve deeper and find a sense of complete freedom seamlessly arising.

When we participate in an engaging activity like a sport, public performance or team building we all become so involved in the moment our minds don’t have the conscious space to be distracted with prejudgments or fears. Flooding of acceptance fills the room as we are temporarily intoxicated with a feeling of total approval. It’s temporary because quite often after the activity many people put the walls back up with the increase in consciousness.

Good friends and good family find this feeling of connectedness easy, seconds of being in the presence of the other and the walls lower. They understand each other’s true beings and completely accept their full presence without judgment. It is with this same knowledge we are able to truly free more than just our closest loved ones, everyones waiting.


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