Taking control of the ship

Something’s in this life we can’t control, some things we can. Becoming conscious and acting on the things we can is a powerful step towards effectively steering our ships in a positive future direction.

Before working out in the morning I like to imagine how excited a paraplegic would be if she got the chance to jump on a bike and ride to work for a day. We have been given a multimillion year old refined gift and to ignore the little effort required to keep it in shape is like driving a Rolls Royce offroad and into the ground until the wheels fall off. Feed it good wholesome petrol, exercise it regularly and feel confident driving a multimillion-dollar vehicle that rolls and looks a dream.

Weekly reflection, quiet time, meditation call it what you like can bring clarity that helps us decide if our daily actions are actually yielding the results we desire. It’s a time we go back to the maps inside the cabin of the ship to calculate course before running back outside to steer ship accordingly. (more info here)

Funnily enough we do have the power to choose our friends, it might seem difficult at first but you will be surprised at the positive potential social circles can produce. Spend your time with accepting people who encourage each other to achieve potentials, have fun in dynamic positive ways and bring new pieces of knowledge to the table can quickly change our entire quality of life. Of course these sorts of people are only attracted to others who can give a somewhat equal exchange of energy, appreciation and ideas.

Are you excited before jumping out of bed and into work at least once a week? It’s a place we spend more than 50% of our living life and if we are not being challenged and engaged in an exiting way I’m sure there’s a better suited job out there for you. If you are reading this right now you already have luxuries of time others would dream of. Yes we can look for a job whilst working at a job we don’t like.

Becoming conscious and allowing time for the things that really make us happy on the inside delivers a great sense of complete wholeness. Knowing what makes us feel best in our free time and strategically placing them into our weekly schedule is a great way to live with healthy smile on our dile. (more info here)

These are but a few of the elements we have control over so I’d love to hear, what are some of things you control that bring positive benefits?


One thought on “Taking control of the ship

  1. I completely agree with this.. with constant external pressures on how to act, behave and feel from society, our peers and family it is easy to lose track of where we are wanting to go.. just taking the time to close your eyes and think will keep you(of your ship) headed in the right direction and keep us in control of the small things in life that “belong” solely to us

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