The drunken parrot vs. the captain

One of the hardest life challenges we are forever tackling is being able to determine whether the actions we make day to day actually produce positive forward movement or just keep us busy. It’s vitally important we have a strategy to ensure we are steering our ship in a direction that follows the winds, not just the loud commands of our easily distracted drunken parrot.

As captains we have the responsibility of steering our ship in the right direction which is paradoxically related to us taking time off the steering wheel. We need to anchor the ship and go into the cabin away from the disruptions of the outside world to stop and process what progress we’ve made. Without it we can become lost in the seas of distractions and drift off course.

It’s easy to distract our minds from asking the question “where’s my life going?” because wait, I need to check my facebook first, reply to an sms, go for another beer, meet another friend, watch some more tv and forget about it till I’m ready for bed and we can talk about it in the morning yeah?

Clean your cabin, keep it in order, reflect on it as frequently as you need to analyze your maps for accurate future paths. Ask yourself “Did the actions I made this week take me closer to the destination I want to go next week/month/year?” if yes why yes? If no how can we improve course for next week?

How often do you go into your cabin?


One thought on “The drunken parrot vs. the captain

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