GoodVibers: A profound hug

The Good Vibers were handing out our free hugs last weekend and there was a moment which will stick with me . It was a man who came on his bike and practically threw himself off the bike and into the arms of our team. He hugged us all.

At first I thought this man was deeply connected individual but I quickly realized in fact this was not the case. I came to realise This man had been starved of love and I’m not sure for how long. I questioned after being intrigued by his behavior and discovered he was a street kid who came from Hungary. His art was street clowning. I gave him my sign and allowed him to search for more hugs of which he eagerly agreed to do.

I watched him as he went for his hugs and it was strange to see because his hugs did not appear to be as well received as expected. One of the girls he hugged almost had a preconceived thought she would come away feeling great to have shared the love with a stranger but I could see in her face that she didn’t receive that feeling. It appeared as if he was taking hugs not giving hugs. Searching for a deeper fulfilment in something he so rarely was able to do.

I like to think we gave that man light last weekend, but in a world of darkness I can also imagine how quickly that thought could be crushed to dust.

Big Thanks to Gabi n Team for organising the day!

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