A new beginning.

Eleven months ago I set myself a challenge to become a man venturing into the unknown land of Spain by myself, setting up in a city where I didn’t know anyone or the language. I quickly realised that I was in fact a baby who hadn’t even become a teenager yet! When I pushed up against the reality of the world I was seriously smashed into the ground by it’s unforgiving powers.

I achieved ground zero and from there I started rebuilding nothing but my own stronger self. With each day I navigate the next with more confidence, more power, more passion and more direction.

Never have I valued the beauty of my home with as much power and understanding as I do now. Never have I loved my friends and family with as much depth in feeling as I do now.

I’m not ready to come home, not now i’ve only just figured out how to crawl. I will return standing tall, standing with experience, standing with passion knowing I’ve lived my life to the fullest, without fear and without regret.

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