Creative explosion

I can’t control it I just feel it’s presence extend to all extremities of the body seamlessly interconnected with the universe. I become one with another force, I don’t have any cinks or imperfections. I’m a free flowing ball of energy that intertwines and interprets the sounds through physical expression. Complete acceptance of oneself in my own form and all that is around me.

Creative release has been part of the human culture for millions of years and I believe it’s a key into feeling at peace with oneself.  We all have a channel, a method of expressing our selves. A moment in time where we focus all of our energy into something that expresses ourselves in a unique way.

The essence of beauty lies within the honest internal reflection of energy. The outward layer is like the front cover but it’s simply an invitation to treat. The internal layer is the whole story, it’s who we really are. Creative expression is a way of channeling this energy in which a deeper insight into oneself can be achieved as we observe ourselves without fear in our most pure form.

So I’m curious, where do you find creative expression?


2 thoughts on “Creative explosion

  1. Pete bro!
    I felt the same thing when i was in Perugia for the Jazz festival and summer music school!
    You can see the creative energy built up in the essence of a place, coming out of the walls, quite literally in some cases! Isn’t life full of wonder!

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