Grandmothers wise words.

My grandmother gave me some wise advice when I asked her what it feels like to get older. She responded her world continued to shrink; she no longer cared so much about the news headlines or the occurrences on the other side of the world. She instead focused most of her energy onto her family and closest loved ones. I love this honest perspective and it’s helped me keep me grounded whilst riding the wave of adventure for the past year.

The real pleasures from life spawn from what have spawned millions of years ago, not the flashy things that take most of our attention in today’s world. Spending undivided attention with other human beings working towards the betterment of the surrounding community is a lasting sense of satisfaction you can always look back on with pride. Buying the cool new car can’t really be looked back on as a wow moment, driving that car to turkey and helping a bunch of gypsy circus folk repair their wagon could be. But it doesn’t matter what kind of car we use.

It’s difficult in this world to look at all of our material possessions as next to worthless…because almost every breath we take is filled with an advertisement telling us otherwise. All of our friends are spending money on these things, we spend long hard hours saving money to pay for them and we want to verify their worth with a false belief that they bring us fulfilment. But I tell you that’s the exact idea they sell us on. The worth isn’t in the thing, it’s in the people, it’s in being connected, it’s in the story we can tell 20 years from now.


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