GoodVibers: Welcome the tourists

The easter was coming and my sister had sent me an inspirational youtube clip. Improv Everywhere and it spurred me with a burst of motivation to do something similar. I called a friend Gabi and we arranged a time to meet to discuss the possibilities.

2 hours later we had given birth to our first baby, a warm welcome for the tourists off the aerobus that comes to the centre of town. We split n did some calling around, most people were a little hesitant but we were able to gather a crew big enough for a good time.

We would greet our new friends at 2pm on the corner of the plaza with big banners, free sweets, free maps and a smile from dile to dile. Our first bus rolled in and we started our cheers…welcome to BARCELONAAA!!! The people were at first stunned and then they were either totally into it or a little shy.What we didn’t expect to happen was the energy release this act provided for the people in the surrounding area. It was as if the normal social tension was cut by us and our antics. The people were free to act in which ever way they saw fit. We set the social standard way above normal level in effect enabling a sense of freedom to wash over the people.

Good Vibrations definitely spread!

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