Building Our Golden Fortress

Think of 1 thing your good at…

Focus your attention onto that thing and find yourself looking at the bricks of your own success. Some people have gigantic fortresses of golden bricks others have but a few pieces of broken red bricks piled on the floor. How can we begin work on our own fortresses?

We must first identify what it is that we have talents in, each and every one of us has certain things in our lives that have always come ‘naturally’. It is these things that we must cherish for these are the ingredients of our successes. Using someone else’s talents or abilities as a focus in our lives is like building a fortress from paper. You and only you know where to find your golden bricks.

Once you’ve identified your talent set a weekly time that you will sit down and focus on developing that talent. Read books, meet similar minded people, volunteer your time, ask questions, try concepts and ideas. If it really is a talent, developing this angle of your character shouldn’t feel like work. It’s something you’ll enjoy doing.

When you have spent your time working, playing and experimenting with your talent you begin to feel a sense of confidence wash over you. You have begun work on your fortress and before long it’s something you can stand proudly behind with the power to deflect the outside world’s negative influences. Even if it’s just one thing you can stand behind with confidence you will find new energy to take on seemingly larger fortresses simply by doing it.

Refine this skill and focus your attention on it for long enough, people and opportunities will begin to present themselves. When you know what your good at you become like a magnet to the outside world. People see you doing the thing you love and they see an inner strength of confidence. Everyone is drawn to this authentic aura of confidence and you will be surprised what the world will bring.


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