We have a lot of unlearning to do.

Artificial rules and ideas that have just been accepted because they have been installed at an age when we were unable to really question them. It is these ideas which transform into deeply rooted values and beliefs of which we base our entire operating perspectives on. So I’d like to ask, are we being as truthful to ourselves and the world around us? Or are we assuming teachings for the sake of familiarity?

It is here where common western teachings of how to not question authority, why we shouldn’t talk to strangers, what sorts of professions are better, what suburb we grew up in etc comes into play. These are all pre-judgments that shadow our open minds and place them into a rut of same same thinking.

The more we prejudge the more of the puzzle we fill in with our own pieces rather than their own. We become blind to the honest facts that lay in front of us here and now. People feel trapped into believing they are who others think they are because of these intense social forces.  People are not even given space to feel they can change the past because at everystep of the way people are putting them straight into the box that they came from.

The more I explore the world the more I realize how little importance the pre-judgements are and how much more important the ‘how I act today’ impressions are. The ‘how I act today’ impressions are a powerful expression of past experiences, believes and values in it’s most up-to date form. It is from these expressions of self we can begin to build a perspective of the person.


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