The new business of love.

Just having money doesn’t quite cut it anymore…as we slowly gain consciousness we start remembering the honest power of love and connectedness. We are animals of love and have been for millions of years but we seem to have been overly sucked into the capitalist vortex. Diving deeper and deeper, blindly following it’s cold hard future bound rules only to come out at the other end feeling let down by the ‘promises’ made, but a new light is coming.

Love is treating and respecting the people around us, as we would our family. We respect our elders whilst feeling equal and able to discuss any subject with them. As an elder we have an interest in our ‘children’s’ future so we encourage them to develop themselves and offer help and advice when we can. At the end of the day we’re from the same ‘family’ and want to best for the name so we work together. This is love.

The positive effects of love in the workplace can be seen at every step of the way. As a leader of company we set the example. When we have an active interest in the people and spend our time motivating, listening and encouraging the staff, they will reflect that energy back and amongst themselves. 100 minds working towards the same goal is a lot more effective than 1 ‘leader’ trying to pull everyone up.

As a staff member when we feel loved we feel trusted, when we feel trusted we feel responsible, when we feel responsible we give our best work. When we’re working in an environment of love, we feel safe we feel confident and we want the best for the others around us. Instead of people fighting their own battles we start looking around and picking up the family members who are having a hard time.

As a customer when we walk into a workplace filled with people helping each other, working together, laughing, smiling and confidently representing the company we are instantly infected by this energy. We feel we have entered a place we can personally trust. The staff will approach us in much the same way they approach all lines of business. We are all equal with different responsibilities and we are here to help. Not we are here to sell and ram products down your throat because we’ll get a bigger bonus if we do.

We are now arriving at a point in our lives that we want to work for employers who treat us as part of the family, each at our own stages of development. We no longer want to be working for slave masters shouting orders to work faster, harder, better, stronger we want to be working together feeling proud of our individual work that contributes towards the bigger picture…don’t we?

6 thoughts on “The new business of love.

  1. For some the concept of family is very small, for others in encompasses their neighbours and extended clan. Wouldn’t it be nice if you considered your colleagues part of this wider group.

    • Yes, our concept of ‘family’ has certainly shrunk dramatically with the increased reliance on the system. removing the need to engage in one of life’s necessities and greatest pleasures…interconnectedness.

  2. Such Insight Peter! i recently read a story about a man who took over a bus company from his father who told him always to look after his staff as family and they will look after you! Today they employ 1500 people, have not been aware of a global recession, the owner and his wife know the names of all the family members and spend much of their net profits on helping employees in difficult circumstances with education, funerals, cars you name it…even ex employees,,an amazing story in The Weekend Australian a few weeks ago.

  3. Last month I have been sitting at home being unable to do my job. I was too stessed out to even think about my work without panicking. I work at a company that wants to sell as many products as possible and gives bonusses if you succeed in making your target.

    Not only my mind was stressed out about the work environment, but also my body. My stomach started to hurt so bad I couldn’t eat normally and lost weight. Never before did my work influence my life and body the way it does now.

    How are people able to work at a company like this? I do not understand. I am looking for the kind of company you describe. One with the environment of love. In my street I found a nice bakery. When I step into the shop I feel myself calming down. I truly enjoy looking at the food and talking to the people that work in the shop. When I’m there my brain becomes more creative and I start looking forward to doing new things.

    It is wonderfull how the atmosphere of a place can change the way you feel.

    • Yes, we are all in need of love and require it to feel emotionally and physically good about ourselves. It’s amazing what the atmosphere can do to our wellbeing. It’s almost as if the average attitude of the people will bring you up or down depending on where it sits. Certainly sounds like that bakery is more than just a bakery 😉

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