Putting the spark to the flame.

Having a great idea is the spark but in comparison it’s far from the energy, size and power of a blazing flame.

I’m going to say that sparks are people’s ideas, the intangible element that can’t really be produced from a machine or hours of thinking. It’s people’s unique ability to create something new, some people are more intouch with it, some are not. Get the spark bright enough and it’s possible your able to spread it into the minds of others. Once you have others with your spark inside they will be priceless assets to you and your idea becoming a flame.

Once you’ve got a smashing spark you will need to find some paper and start forming your spark into a clear concise document that defines the spark and it’s mission. If it’s your first time drawing your spark onto paper you might need help from others who have tried before…it’s going to save you a lot of time! Search for help from local entrepreneurs, small business help centers, family friends, ‘fiya-startaz’ who ever! You will be surprised how much knowledge, energy and support they will be willing give.

It is now time to take you idea out for a test drive…in the real world. Little use is studying how to ride a bike if you never ride it. The best way to learn is to try and mend on the job with the help of business mentors. The natural forces of the world will assist you at looking at the points that need work.

Put your spark to the paper and set it on fire today, the rest will come.


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