The bag or the character?

Do you think a zulu warrior values a 6000 dollar suit the same as a londoner?

First lets look at why people buy luxury products like Louis Vuitton. Do they really buy because of it’s style that hasn’t changed in years? Or is it that buying a powerful brand gives a sense of confidence, success and power?

Sure it feels good to wear a high quality hand made suit but maybe its because of how deeply rooted our belief in the system is. We often don’t question its real significance because it just feels good.

It seems our society’s focus on the external look has been blown way out of preportion simply because that’s where the benjamins live.┬áIt’s this intense external focus however that distracts our attention from developing our inner character.

Our inner character is built from what we are willing to learn and share from the experiences we live each and everyday. Would the zulu warrior value you taking the time to listen to his local problems and then working together to find a lasting solution? Or would he prefer the LV bag with all the features?


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