Interview with Life Coach Martina Blazkova

1. Could you bring us up to speed with your life journey; where you started and where you are now?

I originally came from a small village in the Czech Republic, I moved to Prague for university, then when I graduated I lived in Germany, Austria, Srilanka (1 year) and finally made the decision to move to the UK where I spent 5 years.The Uk was great but it’s also the reason why I’m here now. I didn’t like the stress of the city; it became too big and impersonal. I’m a person who likes sunshine and light so I decided to come to Barcelona and I couldn’t be happier for it.

2. How did you get into life coaching and when did you realize it was the profession for you?

When I was in the UK a friend invited me to go to a seminar based on coaching, I found it interesting and developed my skill from there. I kept going to weekend courses, volunteering my time, reading, and when I arrived In Barcelona I finished my professional coaching diploma and started.

3. So you always knew you would be working with people?

I have always enjoyed working with people. In University I was part of student organization. I was preparing conferences for the people, how to keep the old members in the organization things like that. Somewhere inside I knew that helping people was going to be my thing.

3. If you could thank 3 people for their help in you finding your way who would they be and why?

Mainly myself, if I have an idea I go for it and of course there is my Dad – because of him I went to the UK and If I didn’t go there who knows where I’d be. My friend from Srilanka who introduced me to the seminars, he had done a lot of courses in hypnosis and coaching so talking with him was always inspirational. And my boyfriend because he always encourages me to do what I want to do, he supports me.

4. If you could summarize 3 of the best personal decisions you’ve made in your life what would they be and why?

1. Taking the first leap away from home.
2. Getting in contact with forward thinking people in London
3. Leaving everything again for Barcelona.

After my studies I finished in the Czech I felt split I didn’t know if I should go abroad or not. My friends said I could always comeback. When I was in London I got incontact with different people, different ways of thinking of which I feel wouldn’t have been found in the Czech. The decision to leave everything from London wasn’t easy as I had to leave my whole world but I’ve created my new opportunities here and couldn’t be happier for it.

4. “The best way for people to gain insight into understandings of self is to be put so far outside of the comfort zone nothing but their honest self shines.”  What do you think about that?

Well I went to Germany without knowing German, I went to Sri-lanka without knowing English properly, I came to Spain not knowing Spanish or Catalan. I’d say this was going out of my comfort zone, but I survived each time and every time I did it I became stronger and It makes you think, hmm what else can I accomplish?

5. You said in your youtube clip ‘Managing Mass Media’ That fear is blinding people to the opportunities of life? Can you explain a little more?

What I meant was how to protect yourself from the negative focus of mass media. 1st Limit intake, 2ndsearch for more positive news, 3rd take an active role by taking your own initiative. A lot of people don’t believe in themselves, they feel fears in taking their own initiative and this is what ‘blinds’ them to the opportunities of life.

6. What is success to you?

That I can do what I want when I want (financially free) and being able to help people.

7. If you could give a piece of advice to a young person searching for their way what would you say?

Don’t listen to the critical voice in your head, start listening to your intuition. The sooner we can listen to this inner voice the sooner we will be on our path.

8. What’s in store for the future?

I have many plans…And when I reach financial freedom ill have a lot more! Of course I’m working on my coaching business, coordinating events and I’m working on my website Empowering Global News. This was my initiative to present the news with more of a positive more honest objective way. At some point in the future I would like to organize events that make an impact, something which gives inspiration for the people who see themselves as doing something a little more than just work, live, work. I want people to experience something they will really remember.

Empowering Global News
Lecture on managing mass media

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