Do you know yourself?

Do you feel aligned with your personal abilities? Or do you feel pushed into a box that ‘should be right’ for you? Think about how much government help, school support, private campaigns you have received for helping find and develop your personal capacities?

It’s sort of wild if you ask me because other than one 45 minute class of personal development I didn’t receive any help when growing up as for ways to find internal abilities and how to foster them. I just received business employers coming in telling us why we should aim to be accountants, policemen talking about rape and teachers telling us they had all the answers. I think they meant well but telling us what we should do, what we shouldn’t do removed self-curiosity, in effect making us disconnected from ourselves.

I Think that our lack of understanding of oneself is completely lagging behind in comparison to the leaps and bounds mankind has made in the past 100 years. But maybe it’s for a reason? If people don’t understand who they are then they can be pigeon holed into areas that the people of power want them to go!

But with the spread of information a time is coming where the power is coming back into the people’s hands, people who want to take their life in their own direction now. They don’t want to listen to the ‘pigeon holers’ anymore.


3 thoughts on “Do you know yourself?

  1. hey pete your words speak a lot of truth, here am I at 54 years having followed the ‘dream’ great partner, work hard, worldly kids, nice house, everything you could ‘want’ but find myself back exactly where you are today, looking forward for answers, checking in and searching for whats real and what I really want for the rest of my life…i now see that character speaks most about who you really are and what is important, the inner being that comes through every thought and action…self-discovery is the first step in appreciating all that is real and already in existence, in realising who you really are and most importantly your purpose, that which you bring to humanity as your own personal contribution to the greater network of life…we all play our little part and together we help each other..we are individuals but not isolated islands, we are all shining stars connected through a shared experience, the lawyer needs a plumber as much as the plumber might need a lawyer. Even at work everybody plays a special part in making the whole through expressing their own special talents. Right now my big challenge is gratitude, to stop and really appreciate all that is good in life rather than focussing on all that is not the way my mind makes it up…that habit of always looking for the next thrill is distracting us from truly enjoying the present moment..the only moment that counts.

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