The Revolution of Consciousness

Knowledge is no longer power, a 10mbit connection to the Internet is! The industrial wave is crashing and the information age is rising. We don’t want to be forced to fit into over crowded generic boxes anymore; we no longer accept the pre-processed life we have been fed by the factories. We have had a taste of the other life, the conscious life and we want more!

As the spread of information has exploded in the past 10 years the previous models most of our systems are based on just can’t compete with the personalization the Internet provides. People are no longer accepting all that’s being told as we now have information coming from almost all corners of the globe. If we want to know about Indian elephant smugglers, we go straight to our smartphone, slap it in and have the answer in seconds (link here). What I’m trying to say is that the old way of educating the people, grooming them, teaching AT them in mass just isn’t working like it used to. More people are rebelling against what the cold corporate society has expected from us. We no longer feel alone in questioning it’s completely impersonal approach.

People want to learn about things they are interested in, people want to feel engaged with the teachers and the subjects in a way that fits them best as the person they are instead of trying to force creative people to learn algebra they have no use or interest in learning. With the access of information we now have the option, we now have the option to spend time developing our own natural abilities in a way that harnesses our unique potential. Which would you prefer?


2 thoughts on “The Revolution of Consciousness

  1. I do get it and agree with you, Pete. People want to feel engaged with the teachers and the subjects but on the other hand someone needs to show to the teachers how to engage with their students and how to make their subjects engaging (I am not saying to all teachers but to many of them)…perhaps your (future) role? 🙂

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